My other blog, City Jackdaw, has been flying on WordPress since 2013. It features varied posts to accommodate the many followers who arrived after reading different types of posts: humorous, informative, creative and, of course: poetic.

Although I will still be blogging over on Jackdaw, I decided that, as a published poet, I wanted a blog that is devoted solely to poetry, and thus was born Coronets For Ghosts.

The title of my blog comes from a line in one of my poems. It will feature poems both old and new, complete and works in progress.

I’ve been published in various anthologies, including Best Of Manchester Poets.

My debut collection Heading North, published by Nordland Publishing, can be found here:





“In short, there is real poetry to be found in this first collection of Murray’s work and a depth of pleasure to be gained from its reading that is all too often only notable by its absence in the work of many of today’s poets. Highly recommended.”

“Murray has that rare gift of dragging you into his world through words. Great work.”

“Excellent debut collection of poetry.”



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