7 thoughts on “Word Jam #15

    • Thank you for that exuberant compliment.
      You’ll know, from reading my collections, that often these word jams, or at least part of them, end up being incorporated into something larger.

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      • Originally I had in mind to put one together named Fifty-fifty poems for my fiftieth which is in December. A bit self-indulgent I know.
        But part of it I was going to write in Paris as I was intending to go there for that landmark birthday (see the graves of Morrison and Wilde in Pere Lachaise while there) but now there’s no certainty I’ll be able to travel due to restrictions 🙈And also, in the meanwhile, the oral history project I was hoping to be finished by then has been delayed because my interviewees have been shielding.
        So all plans are tentative at the moment!

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      • That’s a wonderful plan – I’ll add that there’s no reason why ‘Fifty-Fifty’ needs to be done in that literal time frame…it’s a body of work celebrating that landmark birthday. So I say – whenever you do get to Paris, sit in those cafes and write those poems! Then put it all together with your other designated poems as “Fifty-Fifty”. Whenever it gets ‘done’ doesn’t matter as much as long as it gets done.
        (Spoken from experience!)

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